Hennessy Floor Specials


   Earth Friendly

Stop by our 9,000 square foot showroom, located in downtown Hendersonville. Just one block south of East of Main Street. Come and check out our all natural green, earth-friendly materials.

Bamboo Part of the grass family, bamboo is a highly renewable resource. Bamboo is a leader in earth friendly flooring. Consider: Eco TimberTM and GreenwoodTM both offer an extensive selection of color and texture.

Cork Better than a renewable resource, cork is a harvested resource. Cork flooring is engineered from the waste of the wine stopper manufacturing process, consequently creating a recycled product. Consider: CorticaTM and Design MaterialsTM offer a new look and are available in an assortment of colors.

FSC certified hardwoods Hennessy Floor Co. is proud to offer a complete line of ecologically sound wood flooring from certified well-managed forests. Reclaimed wood flooring is remilled from old growth lumber. Consider: EcoTimberTM, MirageTM and Nature’s BeautyTM by Premier FlooringTM are all carried at Hennessy Floor Company.

100% wool New Zealand wool is the cleanest, whitest wool in the world derived from sheep grazing on pesticide-free pastures. Its natural beauty and sustainability make it a superior choice. Karastan Donnington is an innovative product that is all natural and dye free. Consider: KarastanTM, UniqueTM, Carter InternationalTM and New Franco BelgeTM, are many of which contain no dyes or are vegetable-dyed.

Linoleum Made from readily renewable natural ingredients this extremely durable product is made from cork and is biodegradable. Consider: CorkoleumTM, the leading brand product made from linoleum and a top seller at Hennessy Floor Company. CorkoleumTM is made from renewable resources and offered in a colorful variety.

Recycled Fiber Carpet Award winning products and other products that top this category are a great choice. Often available in both broadloom and carpet tiles, these products are produced using post-consumer recycled content. An innovative option is “cool carpet” that offsets CO2 emissions for the life of the carpet. The net result is zero greenhouse gas emissions. Consider: Bentley Prince Street and Shaw offer a variety of products in this category with a strong commitment to the environment. And also think about…

Natural fibers Biodegradable and non-toxic, Sea grass, sisal and jute contain no petroleum products and are produced from rapidly renewable resources.

Latex-free backing Or slight latex-backing reduces environmental pollution. Natural rubber is an environmentally friendly choice.

All natural carpet pads 100 % wool padding is a natural choice and a biodegradable option, wool absorbs odors and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) thereby promoting a healthier indoor air quality. Organic padding constructed from plant based materials leave less of a carbon footprint, meaning it takes less energy to produce and dispose of. Ask a Design Associate for assistance with any of these earth-friendly products.

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